This Internet marketing article MIGHT make a few people angry. In fact, I bet some will shake their fists at me while reading it. Or maybe even barrage me with emails saying how “wrong” I am.


Because I’m going to dispel 4 big myths about what’s “king” when selling online. Myths that are spreading like wildfire (especially in social media). And (in my humble opinion) are hurting peoples’ incomes.


1. Myth #1: Value Is King


True, value is important. And we should deliver loads of it.

But is it “king”?

If it is, then it must be hiding amongst the peasants. Because there are millions of people delivering value on the Internet right now who are dirt broke. I know I spent many years delivering value with very little to show for it.

And if value is “king”, all the hyper value providers would be rich beyond their wildest dreams. But most aren’t. In fact, many are struggling and wondering why.

2. Myth #2: Content Is King

Ditto with #1.

There are lots of people working like mules putting out massive amounts of valuable content each day who STILL haven’t made any money. If content was the end-all-be-all, then all of these people would be raking in the dough.

But they’re not.

Because again, while content IS important, it’s not king.

3. Myth #3: Copy Is King

No matter what the chest-beating copywriters say… copy is NOT king.

In fact, as “for real” marketing genius Mike Winnicki (one of those “under-the-radar” marketing experts) said when I interviewed him for one of my books, copywriting is much lower on the totem pole of importance.

Like under your list, offer and positioning for starters.

4. Myth #4: Teaching Is King

Is it?

We pay teachers almost nothing in our society. If teaching was this magical money-making skill, then great teachers would all be fabulously wealthy, no?

I know some mega talented teachers online who couldn’t make a sale if their lives depended on it. Yes, teaching is hugely important. It can do wonders for your credibility and positioning.

But it’s not even close to being king.

So there you have it: 4 Internet marketing myths exposed.

Again, they are each very important. But none of them are “king.”


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