In 1945, Pandji’s dad was as yet 7 years of age. He had asked her mom (grandma of Pandji), “What is freedom?” Initially, the grandma answered to Pandji’s dad confusedly. Anyway then, at that point, she said, “If these (highlighting the general climate) are our own.”  Https://

The kid asked once more, “All are our own? Implying that while going with train, we don’t have to pay?” The grandma replied, “Yes!” (p 103). Indeed, these days there is still no free lunch in this country. Through that discourse, the creator politically scrutinize the country’s in-reliance.

By the by, the rapper and arranger of “Lift Your Hands for Indonesia” tune additionally liked the commitments of numerous saints. Our principal architects battled for Motherland’s freedom. During (1945-1948), his dad’s home was at Yogyakarta. The fence was made of bamboo. It’s tallness like the grown-up midsection. Roughly, equivalent to the door house in Unyil and Pak Raden film series.

At some point, when Pandji’s grandma pushed the fence out, it was felt excessively hard. Then, at that point, she discovered a youngster who was killed by a wanderer slug. His body was laid solidly and dormantly. The age of the kid was like Pandji’s dad around then. He was still hand-holding arem-arem (conventional food made of rice) in his palm (p 104).

Before, this book was in a type of digital book. Its internet based form has been downloaded in excess of multiple times. The starting of the printed book of Nasional.Is.Me was led at Jakarta Book Festival (2011). As of late, it has been republished multiple times. Astoundingly, Nasional.Is.Me likewise conveyed a selfless mission. The Hard Rock Cafe’s (HRC) telecaster is applying the idea of sharing. By buying a book, its duplicate naturally gave unreservedly to the young people of Indonesia who lived in provincial regions. This cause program was upheld by Bentang Pustaka and Sampoerna Foundation.

Methodicallly, this book comprised of 3 sections: Know Your Indonesia, Find Your Passion, and Work for the Future of Your People. Altogether, there are 10 sections. From “A Request for A Contemplation” to “From Opening to Closing Sentence Line.” This 330 pages book is a sort of declaration. The synopsis of certain responses to every now and again posed inquiries (FAQ) for Pandji’s fans about his adoration to Indonesia.

One sharp examination of this previous Proactive Provocative’s moderator was the point at which he separated between patriotism in United States and Indonesia. As per this espresso sweetheart, the US nation is comprised of numerous workers who are joined through sport. While the world has football (soccer), they made their own: American Football. Why? Due the cutting edge football were coming from England. Local Americans additionally adored b-ball a ton. Through both these 2 games, all settlers were partaking through the “joint item”. Consequently, country’s solidarity is made.

Then, at that point, the main inquiry is, “In Indonesia, what sort of patriotism that we have?” According to Pandji, It is Pancasila, the 5 essential standards. That was in accordance with Anand Krishna’s viewpoint. Pancasila is the code of life’s bliss (The Jakarta Post, 13 July 2012).

Besides, as saying by Bung Karno, Pancasila was Philosophie Grondslag, the essential way of thinking on which all races, religions, varieties were resting in Motherland’s embrace. It is the establishment wherein joining the distinction among “me” and “you” in “our” space.

In this book, Pandji likewise explored the historical backdrop of human progress. The Jakarta Gonzaga High School Alumnus accepted that Pancasila has made Indonesia doesn’t wound up like India. The country who isolated with Pakistan after liberated from England. The Islamic culture (minority in India) imagined that they won’t be obliged by the public authority. Additionally, they were hesitant to the common conflict among Islam and Hinduism as a result of some political interests.

Anyone known then that it was Mahatma Gandhi who held a craving strike. The Mahatma would quick until the savagery was stopped in India. At last, they finished the common conflict all over India, and Gandhi began to eat a significant piece of rice. In any case, the crumbling of India was inescapable.

Afterward, Pakistan established their own Muslim people group. From that point onward, Muslim and Hindu populace relocated to the locale of India and Pakistan. It was recorded as the greatest human misfortune in the twentieth century. Many housemates had to separate from their own families as a result of strict contrasts and convictions.

In this unique circumstance, Pancasila made Indonesia moderately just. The 5 essential standards is as yet binding together us from Sabang to Merauke. Pandji has composed the book dependent on his experience visiting across the archipelago.

Crafted by Pandji permitted him to do that. He went from Padang, Belitung, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Manado, Makassar, Bali, to Jayapura. Those locales’ magnificence painted a profound impression in his heart.

He composed an extraordinary involvement with Kupang, “Seeing the children there, and hearing they sing Kuan Kefa melody, a nearby practice regarding how to mend pining to go home… then, at that point, listening the moms singing together with regards to solidarity called Lais Manekat while sitting under a concealed tree. I nearly don’t accept, it is actually similar to in the films, the sound of the breeze isn’t blowing, however whistling… ” (p.155).

To be sure, this book lighted confidence’s fire amidst thick mists due to the bad legislative issues. The youngster, Pandji pursued a charitable calling to change this adored republic. Expressing from ourselves in each self boundary dependent on each own callings. Maybe, we won’t see that splendid future. Notwithstanding, the future, our grandkids will encounter a superior Indonesia. Glad perusing!

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