Keeping a sketchbook is a fantastic way of keeping track of our creative ideas and drawings. Leonardo Da Vinci made a lot of sketchbooks with hundreds of pages during his life, filled with drawings. So, a sketchbook is like a diary for an artist and is a place where we can draw a lot of fanciful drawings in pages and have fun. Sketchbooks can also inspire our friends and relatives to take a pencil and start drawing. Sketchbooks come in different shapes and sizes, with attractive covers.

Any person who would want to improve his drawing skills would own a sketchbook. A sketchbook not only carries our ideas, thoughts and inspirations in the form of art, but it also encourages us to draw often.

In a sketchbook we can draw anything we want like landscape and people drawing, for example – although some artists prefer to have sketchbooks based on certain subjects. Imagine that an artist has finished drawing a sketchbook having human anatomy figures. We can classify the sketchbook in the class of human anatomy. Similarly, when the artist has completed drawing a sketchbook on cartoons, we can classify the sketchbook in the class of cartoons.

We need not use the sketchbook only for drawing purpose, but we can also write our own ideas based on what we are drawing. Suppose we are sketching a typical Indian village girl character, we can form our own thoughts on the character and write so. Here are some examples:

What type of village girl am I drawing?

Where does she live? An old hut?

What does she do during her daytime?

What is the girl’s name?

Where are her parents? What work do they do?

And so on…

There are many numerous websites and e-books where we can get some ideas on what to draw in our sketchbooks. We also need to collect pictures from a magazine that would inspire us to draw.

We need not worry about the techniques of drawing, at first. As sketchbooks are for personal use, we can draw and experiment whatever we like.

To conclude with, drawing and maintaining our first sketchbook will be the starting point of a journey to embark on. As the time flies by, we would gain a good deal of inspiration from sketchbooks that will increase our performance, showing us the way to become a brilliant creative artist.


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