Achieve Your Gangnam Glow        with Korean Aesthetic Technology
Gangnam Signature Laser is a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a huge range of different skin conditions.

It is a non invasive remedy that can be used to rejuvenate stupid pores and skin, ensuing in brighter, livelier pores and skin tone even as at the equal time addressing problems of laxity mainly in skin with early sagging. The laser also improves skin texture, pores, slight pimples scarring as well as many special problems of unusual pigmentation including freckles, solar spots and age spots, resulting in lasting development.

The laser is:

Relatively painless
Fuss-free and brief
No down-time
Our doctor will tailor a plan a good way to offer the maximum appropriate remedy with the high-quality final results. Gangnam Signature Laser includes unique components which target distinctive issues to hand. The health practitioner will perform the remedy which takes between five to 10 minutes. There is a heat prickly sensation which is not painful. A cool hydrating mask observed by way of solar block could be implemented by way of the clinic assistant as your publish treatment care. This is to make sure your comfort and pride. There is not any downtime with for this treatment.

How often need to I go for treatment?
Gangnam Signature Laser can be executed at periods of two to a few weeks relying on the kind of remedy, pores and skin condition and reaction to the remedy. Patients have to see development in their skin situation after a direction of remedy and the health practitioner will recommend and ensure that treatment remains powerful and safe always.

Treatment Price Range

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