Before you leave on your trip to Indonesia, you need to have a few plans in place so that you can relax once you arrive. One important detail to consider is how to pay for your stay once you get there, as clearly it is not as simple as using U.S. dollars wherever you go. Before you take off for your vacation, you should learn how to send money to Indonesia prior to leaving your house, and the best methods of payment to use while there. Knowing where to go for fun is another helpful detail. https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

The legal tender in Indonesia is the rupiah, which you can obtain from various money changers around the country. There are a few of them near customs, so if you arrive without any rupiah, you can at least get started changing your money so that you have cash for food, cab fare, and other necessities. When exchanging your money, keep in mind that the fee to leave the country is about 150,000 rupiah, and is called a departure tax.

If you do not want to carry around lots of rupiah, or do not have time to exchange your U.S. dollars for this country’s currency, you should consider another route. You cannot rely on using plastic here to pay for items since usually only the largest shops accept credit or debit cards. However, you can plan to send money to Indonesia before you arrive by using a prepaid debit card, which you can send money to for a mere $5 fee. You can then access the money at any ATM, and it will come out in the form of rupiah so that you do not need to exchange cash at all. Of course, if you are not comfortable with the idea of having to send money to Indonesia before you arrive, or using a prepaid debit card at all, you can also use traveler’s checks in this country since there are no import or export restrictions.

Now that you know how to pay for your stay, you should decide where exactly you are going in this country. Bali is a very popular destination, with lots to do and plenty of resorts to relax at. You can take tours of the area, and you should note that tours by bike are often the most common and most interesting types to take. If it is culture and a glimpse of unique animals that you seek, Sumatra is the place to go. Of course, you should not leave without checking out the main island of Java, which houses the capital city Jakarta, as you will find plenty of shopping and gorgeous scenery in the area. Knowing how to send money to Indonesia first, or at least having an idea of the best kind of money to take with you, should help you enjoy your vacation to this beautiful country.

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