Planning a trip at least once a year is very important. When you travel away you see new people, cities, buildings, animals and other things that make you forget your problems. If you want to go outside your country, but you are not sure where, Bali is a great option. Also called the Island of the Gods, Bali is an island in Indonesia. It is among more than seventeen thousand islands in the Indonesian coastline. A habitat occupied by approximately four million people, the isle is about ninety miles from east to west and fifty miles from north to south. https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

About eighty percent of foreign tourists visit Bali’s spectacular beaches and other attractions each year. This is a famous and safe coastal town, unlike Kuta in the south that was a victim of terrorist attacks a few years ago. For a perfect tour, you may want to avoid the southern part of the Island as it is always crowded. Move to another direction for ceaseless peace and calm. The high season arrives first in August and September and then in December, around the Christmas Eve and New Year. The island is usually crowded and busy during these peak seasons.

If you want discounted holiday packages, particularly on rental villas, come during the low seasons. Domestic visitors like to come to their local paradise during their national holidays. The cost of private villas and hotels may go up slightly during national holidays. Even so you can get a chance to mix with the natives and learn their languages and culture. In early April, late June and late September there are many people from Australia. So it may count as a peak season as well. As you know, accommodation is the first thing any tourist wants to find.

Bali’s accommodation options can vary from hotels to privately owned rental villas. Hotels are paid in Indonesian Rupiah, Euros (works for European tourists) and US dollars (highly acceptable). High-end hotels often accept U.S dollars and Euros while low-end hotels accept Indonesian Rupiah. It is important to study the current currency exchange rates particularly if you choose to buy foreign currencies online. If you want to use your credit card, the conversion will take place automatically and you will pay in local currency.

The local law does not allow credit card currency conversions to any other currency. If you want to pay in dollars or Euros, you might want to bring cash. Also it is important to note that all big and medium-sized hotels are required to charge twenty-one percent sales tax fee and service charge on their room rates. So when booking a hotel room you need to ask whether these charges are included. Because hotels can be expensive you could try private rental villas in Bali. The rates vary widely as you can find decent homes charging at least two hundred US dollars per night while low-end villas charge thirty dollars per night.


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