The reason most users would invest in the best leather iPad case with keyboard generally comes down two predominant desires. The first is inevitably to keep your device safe when commuting and the second is to improve the typing proficiency of the tablet in general.

But why exactly are these improvements needed? Well, the durability of the tablet is inevitably not too good when you are planning on taking it to the office with you. The same goes for any travelling where you will need to transport your device in a rucksack of some description, because the touchscreen and the aluminium shell are just so delicate. Even the slightest bump or scrape can leave you with huge gashes and scars that will not only make you squirm at the thought of your investment being tarnished, but will also inhibit your viewing experience. This is why investing in a leather iPad case is such a popular idea.

As for the wireless iPad keyboard, this comes down to the fact that the touchscreen keys are a little temperamental at times. What I mean to say is, if you are typing anything more than a few lines at a considerable pace, you can look forward to going back through your text and correcting all the spelling errors. But why is the touchscreen keyboard so messy? Well, it is not actually the keyboard itself, but rather the unpredictable nature of typing with it. Since the keys are not actually there, unlike on a laptop, you cannot actually feel whether or not you have hit the correct key. In this way, when you are typing quickly, the process becomes a game of guesswork, which inevitably leaves you occasionally hitting the wrong key or no key altogether. Naturally, no one wants to be spending hours going through their text every time they type, which is what makes a bluetooth iPad keyboard so appealing.

So which product have I chosen to take the crown as the best leather iPad case with keyboard?

Well, the product I fell in love with was the Blurex D-Lux. This is a leather iPad case that implements a wireless iPad keyboard within its inner sleeve. In this way, you can simply fold up your device into a convenient, portable folio that is absolutely ideal for commuting. The best part is that it will keep your device in absolutely pristine condition due to the high grain leather casing that surrounds every inch of the tablet. In this way, you can put your investment through all kinds of abuse without having to worry about the repercussions.

The bluetooth iPad keyboard itself is actually the main reason why I invested in this specific product. The reason? Simple… because the keys are of good quality for once. You will see that Amazon features plenty of iPad keyboards that are made from a cheaper, silicone material which is fine for those on a budget, but I wanted to have the best of the best with my keys to ensure that I would actually see a big improvement in my iPad typing. Needless to say, since the keys were essentially a full set of laptop keys, my proficiency and accuracy rose substantially, allowing me to take down my dictated lecture notes with ease without having to constantly look down at my screen at the lines upon lines of red underlining. This separated the D-Lux from the rest as being the best bluetooth iPad keyboard in its price range, since similar priced models relied on those unresponsive silicone iPad keys that I found to be no better than the touchscreen keys!

Therefore, for the amount of time the Blurex D-Lux leather iPad case with keyboard has saved me, this reason alone is enough to justify its cost. So if you are looking for the best and nothing less, give the D-Lux a try.

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